Takeout & Deli

Come and enjoy our mouth-watering takeout and deli menu. (Takeout only.)

Great for making your own beef tongue tacos!
Your choice of our delicious stuffed peppers! Stuffed with cheese, shredded beef, or chicken.
Your choice of beef, chicken, or cheese with sides of beans, rice, salsa, lime, and tortilla.
Freshly made, aromatic and creamy.
Fresh, flavorful, delicious. With just enough heat to keep you coming back for more!
Our delicious homemade pork short ribs, only available on the weekends!
Our fresh, homemade salsas. Goes with everything!
The most satisfying grilled sandwich. Your choice of fillings include beef, beef tongue, or pulled pork.
Whole Fried Tilapia served with beans, rice, salad, lime, salsa, and tortilla. Only available on weekends!
Delicious, fresh, and crispy! Only available on the weekends.